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In a digital age, there’s some things that nearly every business, from the smallest sole trader to the largest multinational, has in common,

Software and Data

If your business uses any of the following, you are constantly generating data that you may not be useing to the full:

  • Google Analytics
  • Accounts software
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Events software
  • Online or offline databases

These data are fundamental business assets, and we need software to process them.

Data assets

Our software expertise can help you to harness these data assets and merge them into user-friendly reports, for more informed, smarter business decisions.

Why merge the data?

By extracting data from a wide range of sources and combining them to produce amalgamated summary reports you can see trends more easily. This can help you make more informed business decisions. These reports can usually be run automatically, saving you time, and printed in the format most meaningful to you.Data Merging

How does it help my business?

Strategic merging and reporting of your data can give you a better view of your business performance. This can help you make more informed business decisions that better benefit your business’s current and future needs, secure in the knowledge that you will always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Broadly speaking this process is called data merging. In large companies, specialist Data Analysts look at large volumes of Big Data and combine and manipulate these data streams to provide their company executives with Smart Data – a term used to describe pared-down data produced for decision-making purposes. This process is relevant to any forward-thinking company, but is not currently a service provided on a large scale to smaller businesses.

Smart Data for smaller businesses

Here at Hexner we have over 20 years’ experience of software development. We believe we can provide a cost-effective way for small companies to achieve the same data-harnessing benefits as larger businesses.

We are a listed Microsoft Small Business Specialist, so you can rest assured we are experienced, reliable and reputable.

Easy to use

Software is an investment for any company. For smaller companies, where dedicated IT staff may not be available, it’s vital that the software used is fully accessible to all required users.

Our solutions have the functionality to meet your current needs with a view to your future requirements. No dark corners. No unused functions. Minimal training is necessary as our solutions are designed specifically for your business, though support is available if required.

Here are some examples of how we have helped other customers

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  • Let us:
  • Work with your database, or develop new one from scratch
  • Design reports for improving your business reporting capabilities
  • Provide web enabled access for timely information to any device