ProudNumbers Management Accounts

Hexners Sage 50 add-on software for Management Accounts

Our Sage add-on software for Sage 50 and Sage Instant is called ProudNumbers.   The Sage journals, charts and sales ledger are copied into an SQL database.  This enables fast processing into Management Accounts reports, while providing an interactive spreadsheet format.

The advantages of  ProudNumbers

Drillable Sage 50 Management Accounts

ProudNumbers makes Sage 50 Management Account data drillable.

If you have but one Sage 50 account, this will save you time!
  1. Speed of data handling
  2. Data drill down
  3. Charts of Account Hub
  4. Annual/Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly reporting options
  5. Editable built in final report
  6. Download to desktop and go

We aim to be able to produce a Management Accounts Report in less than an hour, directly from Sage data. Business managers and  independent Accountants working  for SME-s will benefit.

Speed of data handling

Speed of data handling is undoubtedly a huge advantage of pulling Sage 50 data into ProudNumbers database.  But there is also the drillable journals and the editable Chart of Accounts design.  You can create a custom Management Account Reports for all your clients in one place.

Drill Down

Right click to see what contributes to the figures. Simple.

Chart of Accounts Hub

This feature allows you to re-design the layout of the imported Chart of Accounts and save it for future use.  Copy an imported chart and reconfigure to your needs. For example, you may wish to  generate a specific Trading Account, or view Sales or Overheads grouped to suit your business or your client.  Go to ProudNumbers  site where you can download a free trial!

ProudNumbers editable Chart of Accounts

ProudNumbers adding a Chart of Accounts group

Using our skills

Our expertise lies in C# and .NET software development.

For over 20 years we have been crafting software in various industries.

We now use our experience together with Microsoft technologies and various developers toolkits to craft efficient, cost effective software products for our customers.

We understand that there are a lot of companies to choose from, and many things to consider when making an investment in your business. So we are registered as a Microsoft Partner for the peace of mind to our new customers.

ProudNumbers Management Accounts

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If you have but one Sage 50 account, ProudNumbers will save you time!