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Our software 'ProudNumbers' for easy and accurate generation of Budget Analysis from Sage 50 data.

An independent downloadable desktop software from Hexner Limited.

ProudNumbers Budgeting Software
ProudNumbers Data Analysis Symbol

More than just saving time

  • Monthly performance reports

  • Create, copy and edit multiple budgets

  • Budget by department

  • Group departments into divisions

  • Eliminates spreadsheet reformatting

  • Multi client handling

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Business owners and financial directors

Sage 50 users we spoke to wanted a platform for quickly analysing monthly Sage 50 accounts against a budget. ProudNumbers can compare your budget to actual Sage 50 accounts data on a monthly basis, giving reports based on departments, multi department divisions and for the company as a whole.


Define Organizational structure

The program allows you to define a budget for every department you want. Departments included in the budget can be further grouped into divisions.

Define departmental budgets

We know that during the year budgets may be subject to revision so ProudNumbers allows you to copy and edit budgets in order to revise figures and investigate the effect on the final result. Business managers we have worked with said that ProudNumbers massively simplified the reporting process and saved them hours of spreadsheet formatting work.

Variance analysis

Compare budget vs actuals for each department included in the budget organizational structure. The report summarizes data for defined divisions and the whole company.


Management Accounts in three easy steps:

  • Transactions Inspector
  • Uncomplicated user interface
  • Easy to customise chart of accounts
  • Multiple reporting period options
  • Multiple budgets
  • Professional final reports

Time saved

Fast data handling from import to report:

  • No chasing data changes
  • No manual processing
  • In-built report structure
  • Final report prepared ready for sign off
  • Drillable data

ProudNumbers is independent management accounting software developed in the UK by Hexner Limited.