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Planning & Procedure

I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.Dwight Eisenhower
Coincidence benefits only those with an eye for it.Louis Pasteur

We take the time to analyse, document and agree the necessary scope of your requirements. This sets a clear framework for planning; it also guides the delivery to you and your stakeholders. We believe this is key to developing quality, not off-the-cuff solutions.

In pursuit of good procedure we find the philosophy of Agile software development ideal. It embodies the way we want to deliver quality solutions, and value for money.

Our aim is to maintain an organizational structure according to these values, and have a process in place which delivers value to the customer.

Our business values are honesty, transparency and expertise.

Inspiring good business relationships
Inspiring business relationships

  • Honesty
    • If we cannot help, we’ll tell you
    • We need and respect your views
  • Transparency
    • Any development challenges are considered from the first meeting
    • Costs will be discussed and agreed up front
  • Expertise
    • We value your expertise in your business
    • We update our expertise regularly by attending lectures and conferences

Business ethics

We believe our business values are the foundation to good customer relationships. The manner in which our customers, employees, suppliers, and the general business community in general are treated is very important to us. We wish to state that we operate in a methodical, honest and ethical way, and value reciprocation.

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