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Management accountants

If you have ONE Sage 50 client, requiring monthly or quarterly reports, ProudNumbers will save you time.

Many accountants we talked to relied on Excel in some way to facilitate the production of their clients monthly Management Accounts.

ProudNumbers is simply beyond speeding up Sage 50 Management Accounts reporting.

You no longer need an assistant armed with Excel techniques to spend hours at a desk. The simple import process, flexible Chart of Accounts, drillable data, department breakout, and a final report format, means no help is required. Spend your time enabling your client to make great business decisions.

Investigate transactions beyond figures in key reports.

Transactions Inspector helps you to analyzes underlying data composing figures in the key reports. Transactions inspector helps you to guide your client into right business decisions.

This simple, helpful management accounts software employs the basics of management accounting techniques.

The reproduction of the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounts give you confidence in the data. These reports can be printed for inclusion in the Management Accounts as required.

Be freed from the restrictions of generating the Management Accounts with workarounds. If you are using Excel spreadsheets, accounting, templates, pivot tables and macros, this software offers a much simpler, faster, cost effective solution. ProudNumbers is fast. It also gives you drillable data and facility to restructure the Chart of Accounts.

Help is at hand with amendments in historic data.

Changed data are simply flagged in the import wizard. This enables you to return and query the raw data at the earliest possible time.

The imported data is in a grid. You can sort and rearrange by any of the journal columns to inspect the data quickly.

Safely customise the Chart of Accounts from Sage.

This tool enables the data to be reported with the Nominal Code groups compressed, expanded or slightly rearranged.

The Management Accounts are presented in a spreadsheet format which allows the data to be drillable. Full details of each contributing journal are tabled.

Data entered with departmental references can be viewed by department.

Debtors has some graphical representation, also useful for customer insight.

For Version 1 there is a table of some basic KPI figures which we hope you find useful.

The Management Accounts are presented as a printable report which allows a useful amount of editing and the addition of a logo.

Overall ProudNumbers provides an effective solution to producing Management Accounts reports compared to Excel accounting templates and macros.

It also gives you drillable data and, facility to restructure the Chart of Accounts.

Be freed from the restrictions of production of the Management Accounts from Sage 50 data. This software database add-on offers a much simpler, faster, cost effective solution. Replace ODBC connections, raw data manipulation, spreadsheets and macros with the touch of a few buttons!