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Consulting & Software Development

Consulting and contracting type services are offered by Hexner for software development projects. Depending on the project and the circumstances you have. We are a registered Microsoft Partner to give you peace of mind.

Software development

We are skilled in our trade, flexible, and have staff that are used to handling a diversity of situations.

We will:

  • Listen to what you say.
  • Discuss the options.
  • Help you plan for future needs and growth.

This is why you can trust us to fit to your company needs and, design Microsoft integrated software packages for you and your business, guaranteed.


Useful when:

  • Existing computing solutions are overburdened e.g. Upgrading Microsoft Office Excel & databases
  • New processes need to be added e.g. new report routines or structures
  • Business capability needs to evolve e.g. linking multiple tasks, adding new software

Types of solution:

  • Advice on Branded software solutions
  • Add smart custom software plug-ins
  • Amazing bespoke software solutions

Consulting services

If you a larger company working in following industry sectors, looking for niche software development skills:

  • Accountancy software
  • Bio-tech & Pharma
  • Engineering graphics

Tools and technologies:

  • Database – SQL Server, VistaDB, Oracle, Postgres, SQLite
  • Languages – C#, SQL , Python, JavaScript
  • Framework – ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, Telerik
  • Client-side – jQuery, Kendo UI
  • Software Factory – Git, Mercurial, Confluence, YouTrack, SVN
  • RAD Tools – Telerik, Powerbuilder
  • Management – Agile development, EVO method